Thursday, November 20, 2008

A book for the new age

i am an established awarded environmental activist and an ex-international new age teacher. my online environmental writings are well supported. for many years i have been pushed to write some of my new age knowledge - now, i have put together a 36 page book of short conversations with a 21st century prophet - with another in draft. there is enough material to construct one on environmental conversations as well - it is written in a similar format to gibrans the prophet - now how do i find a publisher with the gumption to promote the ideas for change that i have constructed over many years of contemplation?

First, the bad news: if you're unable to use capital letters to start your sentences then it's unlikely any publisher will take you seriously. Also, 36 pages is way too short for most publishers to consider - there may be the odd small publisher in the US for whom it's not.

Second, the practical news: research the market. Visit a bookshop that specialises in New Age texts or go to Amazon and check for New Age titles - then note who publishes them. Then go to the publishers' websites and check their submission guidelines. If they only take submissions from agents, try to find an agent who has New Age writers on their books. But I think you'll find most New Age publishers don't require you to have an agent. There is no substitute for research, and no one can do it for you.

Third: consider self-publishing. You have a blog, so you have access to a direct marketing tool. It's possible that you could put out this book yourself and do it just the way you want to. Call the Australian Society of Authors or the writers centre in your state for information on self-publishing.

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