About this blog

Call My Agent! is a blog written by Agent Sydney. Agent Sydney is the alter ego of an Australian literary agent who works in Sydney (unless I'm really working in Melbourne and using the name 'Agent Sydney' to confuse readers).

Call My Agent! hopes to shed light on the sometimes shadow-shrouded world of publishing in order to help writers work out how the hell they get published. The advice or feedback offered is real; the snark is usually for show - a form of stress relief, if you will.

A couple of road rules:
1. I'm not able to accept manuscript submissions.
2. I'm not able to give personalised recommendations for which agent or publisher you should contact regarding your manuscript.

Some other things:
1. I have no wish to put advertising on this site and do not derive any revenue from writing the blog. [February 2013 update: I've made an exception for one book.]
2. I write posts for this blog in my spare time and have mostly altruistic motives. I'm not charging anyone for the information that's on the blog. Please bear that in mind before you send me shirty emails or post shirty comments.
3. I cannot give advice off-blog (i.e. privately) unless you are my client, and most of them don't know I write this blog anyway.