Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Follow-up to post on shipping costs

To everyone who has yelled at me about the shipping costs post, saying I'm an idiot, lying etc etc, please read this post by Elly Keating from the Fancy Goods blog. Postage and shipping in Australia is between 80% and 90% more expensive than it is overseas. So before you presume that I'm an idiot, please presume that I'm not just plucking these ideas from the ether. Also, please remember that I'm a human being who writes this blog due to a (it now seems) misguided sense of duty to writers, in my spare time and without putting Google Ads on the side - I'm not a robot and I don't appreciate being yelled at, even over email. Please also remember that I'm an agent who reads submissions and when you use your real name, I can easily check if you've submitted something to me ... *evil cackle*


Quiet Noise said...

So do you want to look at a manuscript?

William Kostakis said...

*follows blog forever*

Phillipa said...

I thought it was a rather good post actually, and and if people ask me why books are expensive in Australia I'll send them a link to the post. It can't be said any clearer.