Monday, December 12, 2011

Humorous novels and agent specialisation

Just browsing your site re US agents and wondering if there are many agents in Australia who are dedicated to humour/satire genre or is it best to approach a US agent?

Would much appreciate any advice you have regarding this, my partner has written 2 complete novels and madly starting his third, is as yet unpublished and about to approach some agents with one of his manuscripts.

Agents in Australian can't really afford to specialise in one genre of anything - some reasons can be found here - so you're not going to be able to find out if they're interested in humour/satire unless you send a submission. You can presume that if an agent or agency is accepting fiction submissions, they'll be interested in a funny story unless they explicitly say otherwise. Your partner may also wish to query US agents at the same time and he should mention that he's doing so when he sends his submission to Australian agents.


Bron said...

Agent Sydney - do you mean he should just say he's querying other agents, or should he specify that he's querying US agents? I will be in the same boat soon, querying both Australian and US agents. It's not that I think US agents are any better, just that there's a lot more of them and you can submit electronically, which makes life easier. Actually there's another question: Do you think Australian agents will begin accepting electronic submissions any time soon?


Peter G. James Sinclair said...

As an Australian, who is currently querying American and English agents for one of my works, I was interested in your comments.

But at the same time I have written another book - still being edited - that I will pitch to Australian agents.

So thanks for keeping us informed.