Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anonymous means anonymous

I was wondering how people send submissions to you without knowing who you are? May I ask who you are and which agency you work for so I know if I’ve sent a submission to you or if you’re the next person on my list to send to?

Sure, you may ask - but I may not answer. Because, well, if I wanted people to know who I was I'd use my real name, wouldn't I?

Sometimes I'm sent submissions through this website but my About me page clearly states that I'm not doing the blog so I can be sent submissions; I see enough of those in my offline life. So it doesn't matter if you've already submitted to me in the real world or if you're about to, because you're not going to double up.

If you're asking the question because you'd like to make sure you're really submitting to the real-life version of me, perhaps this will narrow it down: I look after fiction, non-fiction and children's authors. So if you're one of those, I'm probably on your submission list ...

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Carole Anne Carr said...

Hmmm, why are the human sounding agents always in another country. :0)