Friday, June 8, 2007

False start

Okay, so my grand plans to start a blog were derailed by the Sydney Writers Festival. No, no - I wasn't there to have fun: writers festivals are usually just work and more work. Some parties. More work. If you're not meeting with publishers then you're attending sessions for your authors (which is, admittedly, the nicest part of going to the festival) and there's often not space to pause in between. Having said all that, there are obviously much worse jobs in the world. What was fantastic about this year's SWF was the number of people who attended on the Thursday and Friday - traditionally quieter than the weekend, for obvious reasons, but this year there were huge numbers. Although this year did have a great program, I think the amounts of people attending have naturally grown each year. There's a lot to recommend this festival, including a great venue.

There's also a lot to recommend the Brisbane Writers Festival - last year's festival was the first for director Michael Campbell, and it was widely agreed that he did a wonderful job. Added to the fact that Brisbane as a city appears to be glowing and alive, and it's worth turning out for this festival. Of course, you may wish to see the program first ... You can wait for it at

But I'm not doing this blog so I can talk about literary festivals. I want to answer questions! Many questions! So please feel free to send them:

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